The storied journey of the Roshe Run carries on this Holiday season, as Nike continues to explore different variations on the two unique parts of the shoe - it's sole and the upper. The latter has yielded a more performance intuitive footbed in the creation and use of the Natural Motion sole unit, incorporating elements of Nike Free technology. The Former, has seen every material replace the original staple mesh construction from suedes, nylons, Pendleton® prints, varying chain mesh weaves and finally and most recently, Flyknit blends. As the latest entry to the prints nylon variation, the Holiday Roshe Run Print Pack from Nike Sportswear presents an array of seasonal looks and patterns.

As the break out in graphics on your feet continues to permeate the latest releases, Nike takes the blank canvas of a nylon Roshe and employs some bright, bold and Black & White prints. The most consistent print in this triple release is that of a palm tree/frond collage that comes in either a simple grayscale (easily the most conservative and sleek) or summer sunset hues refracting off the palms. The odd one out in the pack sees a Tiger Camo/ Hunting orange combination, ready to ambush the urban terrain. All of them are a fitting entry into the Roshe Run journey as Nike continue to utilise and realise the potential of their blank canvas - the possibilities are endless.

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The Print Pack Roshe Runs are pictured with new season embroidered 'Peace Out' adopt chinos by Grand Scheme.