The PUMA x Brooklyn We Go Hard (BWGH) partnership begin in earnest in 2014. The 'Bluefield' Puma R698 was a unique sight to behold. The Chenilie 'varsity' terry on the signature formstripe was a standout feature as the tonal and slight variations on blue played out on the classic R698 Trinomic paceman. Fast forward 12 months and David Obadia's Parisien label has again met with the Herzogenaurach sportswear giant to hash out a larger canvas for which to express the subtly of palettes and delicacy of materials on vintage sportswear.

Key to the 2015 collaboration release is the introduction of more silhouettes and extended themes. An allegory of Urban Athletics comes to mind awash the hues and swatches. Though most notably, the second R698 of this years release stands out as a graduating piece to the 'Bluefield' of last year. While carrying over the same navy and midnight hues, this second edition features a nubuck finish with sheer peach melba introduced to break up the heel and delineate accents. The chenille 'varsity' formstripe (which has become a signature element of the partnership) remains with unique terry cloth laces yielding trademark detailing of the BWGH design language. Stamped with a 'BWGH Paris' insignia on the rear, and custom edited Trinomic midsole and tread, this R698 is indicative of the numerous features of this unique collaboration, delivering urban athletic wear for the next generation.

You can buy the Puma BWGH Collection online and in-store now.