The Disc Blaze was a profound moment in the story of PUMA. When examining their archives, the moment they successfully patented an adjustable, laceless runner, the sneaker paradigm shifted. After all, in the early nineties, Performance Footwear was a race between space age deconstructed exoskeletons, from rival foothuggers to vibrant and bold visions of neoprene. The Disc Blaze featured it all and more - with the DISCâ„¢ System consisting of a circular winding mechanism that would tighten with a twist and release with a lift. Today, the Disc 89 presents the Formstripe's contemporary evolution of design and innovation. A seamless, moulded upper breaks only for the DISCâ„¢ System and signature Trinomic Midsole. Clad in monochromatic white or black, the DISC 89 updates the original DISC Blaze and enters into a new paradigm.