2016: The Year Or The Three-Stripes

14 December 2016 4:34:58 PM AEDT

Sneaker Freaker Magazine and adidas Originals have teamed up for a Three-Striped retrospective of 2016. From the arrival of #NMD and the dominance of boost™, Sneaker Freaker have collected and collated every and any watershed moment for the Three-Stripes in 2016, from the biggest Trefoil backed collabs to every every Futurecraft prototype. Continue reading below their catch-up with our very own Rob van der Linden, as he details the story of adidas on Hype DC shelves these past 12 months

How have you seen the past year in sneakers?

In terms of adidas, this year has been mayhem! A lot of really good new silhouettes, as well as great old models and strong colourways. On top of that, integration between the running department and the casual world has been really good. From 2015 to 2016, the sneaker market has definitely changed. There’s hype for a lot more different things that’s for sure.

What was your favourite adidas moment this year?

UltraBOOST Uncaged! A lot of the Boost models were being ‘uncaged’ at home, so I think it’s great that adidas put that DIY modification into regular production. In terms of Hype DC, I’d say that NMDs were the most exciting release this year. A general release shoe that has a five-day line-up? That’s insane!

Their apparel is blowing up as well, why do you think the brand is so popular?

Collaborating with some really fire brands like Palace is definitely helping adidas. I also think the stylish cut they are moving to definitely has more of a sports-luxe feel. In the past it was either Originals – which was straight casual wear – or sports technical, but now we are seeing combinations of both those styles fused together.

How many crazy phone calls do you get about the NMD releases?

It’s ridiculous! I would say it’s over 100 phone calls a week. When there’s a line at the store, people stop you just walking down the street. It’s like ‘Hey man, are you getting NMDs?’, ‘Can you get me a pair?’, ‘What colour are you going to cop?’, or ‘How many are there?’ It’s hard work, but we really try to give all our customers the same chance if they really want to cop a pair.

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