The genius of two entrepreneurs with an urge to make commercial production more transparent. VEJA, Portuguese for ‘look’, is all about looking beyond the shoes and into how they are made. Their model is founded on an ethical practise at every phase of the business. Since 2004, VEJA have produced their sneakers in Brazil where they source locally grown organic and sustainable materials.

VEJA sneakers are made of agro-ecological cotton, meaning eco-friendly concepts are applied to promote plant growth removing the need of any harmful pesticides. Leathers, sourced from areas outside the Amazon that are not related to deforestation for cattle farming purposes, are treated with low levels of chemical to ensure water supplies remain uncontaminated. They have created their own B-mesh, a light, breathable, waterproof fabric consisting entirely of 100% recycled plastic bottles. In the Amazon, they work closely with a group of rubber tappers, harvesting wild rubber latex used for the soles of each shoe. Each pair is pieced together in a high standard factory where staff are paid 35% over minimum wage. Packing and shipping is handled by ASF, a non-profit organisation that aids vulnerable individuals regain social stability in the work place. VEJA cuts out any excessive marketing letting their higher cost of production find a modest footing at carefully selected global retailers.

Taking inspiration from classic footwear of the 70’s and 80’s, the VEJA catalog is designed to be timeless. Each silhouette is a simple mix of clean lines and premium details finished off with a distinct 'V' logo branded on the sidewall.

The collection is now available for both Men and Women online and at Hype DC stores.