When the ZX FLUX first broke onto shelves just under 12 months ago, there was still alot of uncertainty in the market over it's success and many questions were raised. Would adidas deliver a competitor to the ubiquitous Roshe Run or would it prevail in delivering it's promise of endless possibilities in timeless design and comfort?

It's safe to say that after selling out, release after release, adidas Original's gamble had payed off. With every boundary constantly being tested and the possibilities fulfilled, the ZX FLUX story takes a turn into addressing the basic roots the style, working on and refining the core basics to deliver the best possible iteration of style and comfort.

The ZX FLUX Premium introduces a sleek silhouette in a bold way. Abandoning the signature three stripes of the sidewall, the Premium release accentuates the thicker, durable bauble mesh of the one piece upper that strikes a clean look, revealing shape rather than form. The signature ZX heel cage, typically a plastic exo-skeleton, is featured in a full-grain suede debossed wrap. Meanwhile the lining features a plush leather from heel to tongue - a well appointed touch to a premium release. Resplendent in Black, Royal Blue and Steel Grey, the simplest colours are colour-coded with the ZX 8000 Torsion midsole and tread, adding a touch adidas running heritage.

The ZX FLUX Premium proves that the core DNA of the ZX FLUX phenomenon is built on solid foundations, as these simple yet elegant executions imply, timeless applications await around the bend.

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