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R.M.Williams is best known for quality handmade leather boots. Founded and eponymously named The R.M.Williams Company in 1932 by Reginal Murray "RM" Williams after learning leatherworking skills from "Dollar Mick", the company has expanded its customer base internationally beyond humble beginnings in Adelaide.

RM boots are distinguished for their superior leather construction, favouring a single piece of material, trimmed perfectly for strength and seamless comfort. This is a defining feature of the iconic Craftsman boot - worn by everyone from everyday office dwellers to prime ministers and even Hugh Jackman. Fun fact: Bill Clinton was inaugurated in a pair of RM Williams boots. The womens boot collection was introduced in recent years as a lightweight, feminine alternative to the Craftsman. Both continue the proud tradition of local craftsmanship, in Adelaide, South Australia.

Despite sourcing the globe for the latest styles and brands to be the first to bring to Australia, Hype DC also remains committed to looking locally for formidable, quality footwear. R.M.Williams is one such company.